Awful Announcing: An Analysis

Sports media remains an incredibly intriguing industry, especially in a time of great change. While I may have a slight bias, considering my career aspirations as a football video producer, I adamantly believe that the media should be closely followed. This belief is part of the reason why I chose NFL broadcasting as a focus for this blog.

All things considered, not many outlets prioritize coverage of sports media. While big stories often garner coverage from websites such as Sports Illustrated and ESPN, a lot of the coverage regarding sports media falls comes from blogs and smaller niche websites.

One of the most prominent sports media outlets is Awful Announcing. Started in the mid-2000s, the blog started as a side project for Brian Powell. Within a few years, Bloguin Media Group acquired the site from Powell. With Powell maintaining a role within the blog, the site has seen success in recent years.

According to the site, the blog “focuses mainly on the perils and follies of the Sports Media, but also critiques and reviews those within the Sports World”.

Awful Announcing features a wide range of coverage related to the sports media industry. From ratings to announcing blunders, most content on the site comes from timely events related to sports coverage. Pieces are generally short and involve a brief opinion on the matter at hand.

The site also sorts content by network, interestingly enough. Awful Announcing’s approach differs from most sites that tend to sort content by sport. This method separates the blog from other sites that cover the same content.

Awful Announcing’s decision to generally stray away from opinion also makes it more appealing as a blog. The sports media market is niche enough that the site need not do more than report the news.

As a whole, Awful Announcing is a successful, well-run sports blog that serves an important purpose in the media marketplace.

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